Guilt, Obligation & Duty

Choosing to be a Mother of Faith

On one of my past trips to The Hopi Village I learned about three powerful poisons that can really cause harm to the blood even to the point of death.

Several years ago, I was faced with a certain situation and when it was all said and done I became very ill. I kept feeling weaker, as this went on for the next four to six months. Red marks would appear out of nowhere on different parts of my body and painfully itch, hurt and sometimes bleed. I could be in line at the grocery store and some would appear on my face. No matter how I treated the conditions, nothing worked. No doubt, this was one of my most intense experiences. The symptoms intensified and less time evolved between the painful attacks, both internally and externally. I knew if I ever went to the emergency room, the doctors would have no clue and I probably would not return home. Throughout my whole life, when I am about to experience a soul transformation, it tends to be deep, intense, hard and fast. There is nothing light and fluffy about it. As always, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Yes, another powerful teacher was on its way: The teacher of guilt, obligation and duty.

After coming to my wits end of enduring the pain and all treatments failing, I called my Hopi brother, Jullian. He asked “how fast can you get here” (to the Hopi Village in Arizona)? My son and I left right away and drove 15 hours straight. When we arrived at The Village, I went with Jullian to see a medicine man. These ways are very natural to me and a part of who I am and most comfortable with.

The medicine man said to me “there is great poison in your blood, you would not have lived one more day like this”. I felt the truth in his words. He then said “there are three things that have poisoned your blood: guilt, obligation and duty”. Anytime we make decisions based on these three motives, we poison our own blood. How very powerful to know this. He said “this is behind every disease”! Guilt, obligation and duty also cause our blood to thicken.

Then he did a particular procedure that cleansed my blood of a white substance. While he was cleaning out my blood, a video tape played in my mind of all situations where I was acting out of guilt, obligation and duty. When we make decisions based on those three deadly poisons, we weaken our body immediately. The white substance he took out of my blood looked like yeast (candida). I do believe there is a connection between the two. Yeast candida carries the same energy as guilt, obligation and duty.

Within a very short time, I felt so much better. However, it was up to me to continue broadening my awareness in making decisions. At the time it was a foreign concept to make a decision clearly from the perspective “what is the highest good for me”, “do it out of love and joy or don’t do it”.

So often we make decisions more for the other person when our soul is saying “No, that doesn’t feel good”. Our intentions make us or break us. An intention can come from clarity or guilt, obligation and duty. Is it true and pure or co-dependent? I was utterly amazed by how many of my choices were rooted in guilt, obligation and duty. Still to this day, I am discovering more of them and making the necessary shifts.

It has become a valuable practice to ask myself when making decisions: “Is this decision or action based on guilt, obligation and duty or “What is the wisdom of my heart?” We need to listen…listen… listen to our heart, not our head. If there was a fourth poison which I believe there is, it is shame. Many times, shame is mistaken as guilt.

May my story help you to be aware of the health condition of your own blood. Are there any situations in your life right now where you are acting out of guilt, obligation and duty? Is it ever worth it? NO, I can assure you it never will be worth the pain. Sure it takes real gusto, courage, faith, and unconditional love to honestly search out our truth and act upon it and the more we practice placing our principles above our personalities, we will develop the confidence and wonderful results. Many years ago I was also taught a universal truth: when we make a decision for our highest good, it will be good for all involved.

Personally, I can vouch for positive shifts which take place in my life when clear and conscious choices are exercised. Therefore, any of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical sickness will keep healing. Our hearts are filled with joy, peace and happiness. We shift from pleasing people to serving our higher self and especially uniting our will with the Divine’s will.

Inevitable Results you can take pleasure in:

  • Restoring our sacred power
  • Our creative being comes alive
  • We walk with a humbled, yet strong confidence
  • Our backbone becomes straight
  • We immediately attract many, many blessings and miracles in our life
  • We get our life back
  • Our cells become stronger and we detoxify with ease
  • The thickness of our blood can return to a normal state as blood clots relate to blockages in our life
  • We are free especially to co-create with God and utilize our gifts and talents more fully while here on earth

We have hope…….. for a better life!

What condition is your blood in? I would love to hear from you and share any support with you that can add more hope to your life.