Expect Greatness

Empowering Yourself

We are all currently experiencing tidal waves of purification internally and externally. Please know you are not alone. If it feels like the rug is being pulled out from under you, it is and it is exciting. Our bodies are under great pressure to assimilate the energies pulsating daily from heightened frequencies of light coming on Earth and we have some great new offerings to assist you in doing just that.

Empower Your Spirit to control your ego. Here is a little reminder; the ego wants to stay in control. As it loses control, you may feel resistance to change and helplessness, as well as more mind chatter which will keep focusing on lack, what you don’t have, what you don’t know, what isn’t working. Although the reality is we are all connected to an endless stream of gifts.

Activate The Law Of Attraction. One of the greatest gifts God granted us is the ability to create exactly what we focus on. It’s time to activate the law of attraction and to begin to pull things from the external environment that will enable us to realize our dreams. Now is the time to manifest our dreams into reality. State your intentions out loud and often. Create a dream board to help give yourself a daily reminder of the life that awaits you.

Cultivate Gratitude To Be Alive. Be grateful for all your challenges and solutions that divinely come your way. Be grateful for all your blessings before they even arrive. The more we practice changing our limiting thoughts to manifesting thoughts, the more we will bring goodness to our lives and the happier and healthier we will be. You do have the power to tell your ego to STOP, BE QUIET, and NO THANK YOU and to direct your thoughts towards listening to divine wisdom.

Expect Greatness to shine forth in your life as you refuse to let yesterday’s fog drift into today. You are free at any moment to create a new day. Choose beauty and creativity.

There are a variety of other symptoms surfacing as we are experiencing the Earth going through these changes such as, exhaustion, the need for more sleep and rest, feeling emotional for no reason, “health scares” in various forms, anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, bloating, and heaviness. If you are getting signals to slow down, trust them! New divine direction is trying to come into our lives and it is time we stop to listen and receive the wisdom. Remember, the slower the physical, the faster the Spirit speaks and the faster the physical, the slower the Spirit speaks.

Welcome The Unknowns. Expect greatness and huge miracles to come from this transformation of light. What is not working in our lives is showing up smack in front of us. Our sacred heart knows our truth and what we sincerely desire for our highest good. This is the time to especially listen to the prompting of the heart. Never ignore a single hunch, pay attention to everything!

Because We Are Integrated Beings, all physical states reflect spiritual states and vice versa. As we release and lighten our body, we strengthen our spirit. Clearing the physical through cleansing with Pura Cleanse will help bring your body and mind into balance. Complete body cleansing will bring forth more life. Life doesn’t change until we make a change within ourselves. Stay tuned for more articles and remember that our first wealth is our health!