White Haired Dogs: Can CBD Help Treat Pruritus in Dogs?

Pets are a source of joy for many households. If you ask anyone why they wanted to have a dog, most would tell you it’s because they wanted a loyal companion to love. As a pet lover would know, your pet’s wellbeing can determine how happy you and your loved ones are. That is why conditions like pruritus can be worrying and your pet may need immediate medical help.

What Is Pruritus?

In simple terms, it’s an unpleasant itchy sensation that your pets may experience on their skin. From the definition, it’s easy to tell if your dog is experiencing pruritus – they won’t stop scratching. In most cases, you may notice your dog is over scratching almost to the point of drawing blood. Without treatment, they could hurt themselves. 

Most pet owners may notice their dogs stay up all night licking, scratching or biting their skin to relieve the itch. However, you should note that scratching isn’t a diagnosis but rather a sign. There are numerous reasons why your dog may be scratching. From parasites to infections, skin diseases, and allergies—your dog may develop itchiness from any of them. You may even never get a chance to know the real cause if itchiness develops after the condition is gone.

So, what happens when you or your vet can’t tell the cause of the itchy sensation? Well, in cases where all the above possible causes are crossed out and treatment for any of them proves unsuccessful to relieve the itching, your dog may need to start treatment for medical management of pruritus.

What Can Itching as a Result of Pruritus Lead To?

One of the most common effects of excessive scratching is a destroyed healthy skin barrier. You may notice this from the micro-abrasions on the coat of your dog. If the skin barrier breaks, bacteria can easily get in. That in turn breeds a whole new problem of a skin infection. 

If you take too long to notice and treat the skin of your lovely pet, you risk an infected skin that will prove troublesome to get back to normal. For most pets, the issue may be allergies, and antihistamine drugs can help treat them. If your pet has no allergies, then antibiotics can help deal with any infections and stop the itching. In other cases, depending on the underlying cause of the itch, antifungal cream can help.

Can CBD Oil for Dogs Help?

CBD products have numerous benefits for pets. Since they do not contain THC, the psychoactive element, they are safe for your pet. Some of the benefits of CBD products are pain relief and a decrease in inflammation.

But, how does it work? For starters, dogs, just like human beings, have an endocannabinoid system which interacts with CBD quite well. It can help promote your dog’s wellbeing as well as help make its coat shinier. Additionally, you can use it for its anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve the itchiness that keeps your dog up. 

CBD can also help promote a healthy skin barrier for your dog and supplement the treatment to ensure your dog has healthier skin. If your dog itches due to anxiety, CBD can help there too. It has an anti-anxiety and calming effect that soothes your dog and promotes general wellbeing. Lastly, CBD products for dogs can help relieve pain that your beloved pet may experience due to excessive scratching or biting. 

Final Thoughts

Pruritus can leave your dog in pain and unable to sleep. Excessive biting, scratching and licking can also leave your dog’s skin feeling raw and painful. Finding the cause of the itchiness can help you with treating it. You can also try bathing your dog more.  CBD oil for dogs is one of the best ways to ensure your dog is in excellent health at all times. It can help relieve its pain, anxiety, and inflammation, as well as promote a holistic sense of wellbeing. Contact us for more information.