Getting Started With CBD Oil For Cats

There is nothing worse for dedicated cat owners than when the beloved family cat is dealing with illness or pain. Most cat owners would do anything to make sure their cat does not have to deal with pain or suffering any more than necessary. If your cat is dealing with issues around aging and overall wellness, anxiety and phobias, digestion and nausea, epilepsy and seizures, joints and mobility, pain and inflammation, or skin and allergies issues, CBD oil for cats is well worth looking into.

Similar to all other mammals, cats have an endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a complex chemical pathway that enables communication between the brain and the body. This system maintains equilibrium within the body and manages critical functions like appetite, digestion, metabolism, stress response, sleep, mood, pain, immune function, and movement. CBD supplementation assists in bringing the entire body back into balance utilizing the endocannabinoid system. When your cat is facing challenges with pain or illness, using CBD to promote balance in their system is a great place to start.

The dosage recommendations for CBD oil for cats should start at around 5 milligrams if your cat is under 25 pounds, with one to two doses per day depending on the response of your cat. Before starting your cat on any new supplements, it is important to talk to your cat’s veterinarian to make sure that CBD oil is appropriate for your cat. After starting your cat on a CBD regiment, you should keep a close eye on your cat to make sure you are getting the results you are looking for. You can adjust dosage up or down, adjust dosage frequency, or adjust what time of day you give the dosage based on the response of your cat to the CBD. You will know you have found the right dosage when you notice a slight calming effect about 20 to 30 minutes after administering the CBD to your cat. The positive effects of CBD compound over time, continue to keep an eye on your cat and get regular checkups at the veterinarian as long as you are administering CBD oil to your cat.

One of the tricky parts of administering CBD oil for cats is getting the CBD in their system. You can apply CBD oil onto your cat’s treats, put it into their daily food, or put the dropper directly in their mouth if you have an especially tolerant cat.

Making sure to source the highest quality CBD oil for cats is an important factor in getting the results you are looking for. Miracles of Health implements the same stringent procedures in the creation of our CBD oil for cats as we do for all of our products. With our CBD oil products, you will find an accurate quantity of CBD per dose, a best buy date to ensure safety and 100% organic list of ingredients. Additionally, all Miracles of Health full spectrum CBD products are tested to be at or below .3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the component of the cannabis plant that is responsible for the feeling of being high, being at or below .3% THC is a miniscule amount so there is no fear about your furry feline feeling high.

When shopping for CBD oil for cats, pay attention to the labeling and make sure you can locate CBD per dose, a best by date, and a lot number. Select products with quality ingredients: No corn syrup, trans fats, GMOs, artificial additives, thinning agents or preservatives. CBD-rich products should be lab tested for consistency and verified as being free of mold, bacteria, pesticides, solvent residues, and other contaminants. It is best to avoid products extracted with toxic solvents like BHO, propane, hexane or other hydrocarbons. Miracles of Health’s Pet’s Miracle Choice CBD oil is 100% organic and has been extracted organically using NES Vapor Distillation solvent-free technology. This method concentrates the hemp using heat rather than hydrocarbon solvents to ensure there is no possibility of residual solvents in our products.

If your cat is dealing with illness, issues around aging, or pain, CBD oil is a great natural tool to bring balance to their systems. Using Pet’s Miracle Choice CBD ensures you are giving your cat a 100% organic full spectrum hemp extract that has been properly grown, safely extracted, and fully tested for safety CBD product.