Sleeping Troubles & CBD: 5 Positive Effects of CBD on Sleep

CBD Solving Sleep Troubles

Sleep troubles are a serious problem when they haunt your days and interrupt your nights. When you can’t get good sleep, your whole life can start falling apart. Even if you are holding it together, regular sleep troubles can wear a person thin and blur the lines between waking and sleeping. Often, we turn to home remedies and bedroom tricks to try and improve sleep. You might try a hot bath or herbal tea, or CBD oil. CBD has a surprisingly numerous list of positive benefits that can aid with troubled sleep. Inflammation, cortisol, pain, and bad dreams, all play a part in your sleep quality, and CBD has an effect on each through your body’s endocannabinoid receptors.

The combined effects of CBD are a relaxed body and a more peaceful state of mind, which is exactly what you need for good sleep. Let’s dive into how CBD affects the body and how CBD can benefit your sleep quality.


Insomnia: CBD Lowers Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is a stress chemical that we tend to generate alongside adrenaline in an emergency and times of high circumstantial stress. Our cortisol levels tend to drop during sleep and spike again as we wake up, associating it with wakefulness. If you can’t sleep, there’s a good chance your cortisol level is related. People with steady insomnia also show signs of high cortisol, the cause and effect are not clear.

People who take CBD show a visibly lowered level of cortisol, which explains the de-stressing effect that has been so often reported. When you take CBD before bed, lowered cortisol makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Try a CBD tincture before bed to see if cortisol levels are the trouble with your sleep.


Anxiety Can’t Sleep: CBD Reduces Anxiety Symptoms and Feelings

Anxiety is another common cause of sleep disturbance and poor sleep quality. When you can’t fall asleep because of worrying or wake up anxious, the loss of sleep only compounds the issue. CBD is often taken for anxiety and studies have found that participants visibly show lower signs of anxiety when taking CBD. Those who take CBD to lower their anxiety for sleep report about 65% found improved sleep and 80% experienced decreased overall anxiety.

If your goal is to decrease your anxiety to achieve better sleep, CBD is a good place to start.


Indigestion: CBD Regulates Digestion and Controls Inflammation

CBD has long been known to aid in appetite and digestion. While it does not artificially increase the appetite, CBD helps to regulate your digestion and decreases uncomfortable inflammation in the gut. This alone can reduce your intestinal pain and discomfort, which can make it possible to sleep again. Anyone with a constant discomfort in the digestive system can attest that an upset stomach of any sort can interrupt sleep. With CBD to treat inflamed or sensitive digestion, your stomach-caused insomnia will abate and you can catch some deep. Eating CBD gummies is the best way to ease indigestion by sending CBD through the digestive system.


Muscle Tension: CBD Reduces Inflammation and Stress in the Body

Exercise, injury, and medical conditions can leave your muscles aching, even when you are ready to go to sleep. CBD reduces inflammation and helps to relax exhausted soft tissue. If you can’t sleep due to body discomfort, especially from a swollen injury or sore muscles, try CBD to ease the pain and tension. CBD reduces inflammation and swelling which can ease stress in your body and allow you to sleep. This can also help for people who psychologically hold themselves too tense to sleep at night. Take a tincture or treat specific pain with a CBD topical cream


Dream Effects: CBD Can Change the Nature of Your Dreams

Lastly, CBD can have an effect on your dreams, though that effect is not guaranteed. Some people say CBD has given them vivid dreams while others say their bad dreams dissipated into a warm fog. Some find they do not dream on CBD while others go on grand never-before-seen adventures. There is a good chance CBD will effect how you dream, but the true effect can’t be predicted.


How to Get Started with CBD for Sleep Trouble

Are you ready to try CBD to improve the quality, duration, and depth of your sleep? We’re here to help. If you’re new to CBD, start with a low dose and work your way up to whatever feels best for you. Focus on CBD products that promote relaxation and balanced health. Full-spectrum CBD may offer a beneficial entourage effect that can further improve the quality of your sleep. Contact us today to explore your CBD options.