8 Alternative Therapies For Arthritis Pain Relief

How To Release Emotions To Heal From Arthritis

Where you you experience arthritis in your body can be a clue to what hidden emotion or trauma you’re suppressing. One of my all time favorite books for deciphering the emotional roots of physical pain is Heal Your Body by Louise Hay.  You can use it to look up the location of your pain and gain an understanding of what emotion or trauma you may be suppressing. Here’s how you can get to the root of your arthritis so you can heal:
  1. Locate Your Pain. Use Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body to look up any body part where you are experiencing pain.  For example, Louise says that pain in your neck is related to your inability to see the other side of an issue. Pain in your knee – a very common occurrence in our culture –means that you are being inflexible or stubborn. Pain in your hand represents holding on to something that’s not working for you, or feeling unable to “handle” something.
  2. Acknowledge the Emotions of Arthritis. If your pain is caused by arthritis, you always add anger, resentment, criticism or fear into the mix – so, for example, the pain in your hand could be from holding on to something.  Because the pain is caused by arthritis, you may feel angry or resentful about whatever it is that you are holding on to.
  3. Determine Which Side of Your Body Is Affected. Typically, arthritis on the left side of your body will have to do with relationships, creativity and other feminine qualities, or the women in your life. Arthritis on the right side of your body has to do with the masculine side, such as career and finances, or the men in your life. If it’s your left hand, you may be holding on to a relationship that isn’t working and that is causing you to feel resentment. If it’s your right hand, you may feel afraid to reach for something, such as a job. (Note: In a very small percentage of people these masculine and feminine energies can be reversed.)
  4. Express Your Emotions Then Release Them. Once you have identified the location and meaning of your arthritis, express the emotion(s) associated with it.
    1. Start by placing a hand on your painful body part and say “This hurts.” If you have pain in more than one place, move your hand from one place to the other and simply repeat “This hurts,” or “I hurt here.”
    2. Then say, “I choose to release this”  then name your emotion or event. If you cannot name the emotion or event, you can say, “I now clear my anger, resentment and fear out of my joints.”  Use this as you peel the layers and uncover the root cause of your arthritis.
Remember, even though you may have experienced a painful event, you get to choose how you interpret and respond to it. When you hold on to painful memories, your body reacts with physical pain, hormonal secretions and other stress responses.  Own your emotions then let them go. This is the equivalent of taking out the garbage every day. You can also ask that Divine Love assist you with releasing your emotions. I do this every morning. Getting control of your pain is an important aspect of healing from arthritis. If you don’t address the pain you can become fatigued and even depressed, which takes a toll on your immune system. If you must take a drug, take the safest one possible for the shortest amount of time possible. In addition, try adding one or several of the following alternatives to your pain management routine while you continue to practice releasing the emotions associated with your arthritis. Here are eight proven techniques and therapies:
    1. Clean Up Your Diet. Most Americans eat a highly inflammatory diet.  Eating real, whole foods is a no brainer when it comes to easing pain of all types.  Be sure to eliminate all grains and sugar. These increase insulin and leptin levels and cause inflammation. Also, eliminate dairy, corn, soy, and all processed foods.
    2. Optimize Vitamin D. The best way to increase your Vitamin D is through sun exposure. If you live in a climate where you don’t get enough sun, try taking a Vitamin D supplement. Optimal blood  levels of Vitamin D are between 40-80 ng/ml. It generally takes 5,000 IU per day to maintain this level.  You can get your level checked with a test kit from grassrootshealth.net
    3. Add Omega 3 Oils. Omega 3 oils mediate inflammation.  Add plant-based Omega 3s to your diet such as flax seeds and walnuts. You could also try a high-quality EFA supplement.
    4. Practice Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Tapping can help you release stress and emotional trauma and get to the root of your arthritis pain.
    5. Try Anti-Inflammatory Foods. Add Curcumin, Ginger, and Pineapple to your diet. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables – the more colors the better.  Remove any foods that you may be sensitive to – people with arthritis often don’t do well with night shades. Eat your food as close to raw as possible. Try to eat organic when you can.  Juicing is also a great way to get your fruits and vegetables.
    6. Try Acupuncture. The Chinese believe arthritis is a disease of blockages or obstruction of one of the energy meridians. Acupuncture – like EFT– can help to clear your energy meridians and ease pain and inflammation.
    7. Get Grounded. Grounding, or Earthing, uses the Earth’s electrons like a magnetic mop, cleaning up positively-charged, inflammation-causing electrons and creating balance in your personal electrical circuitry. Simply put your bare feet on the ground and allow them up to soak up all of the good negatively-charged electrons. Studies have shown that standing on the earth for 20 minutes per day decreases cellular inflammation by 20%.
    8. Use Divine Love. Divine Love is the most powerful healer of all. When you do a Divine Love petition you connect to your Source Energy.  This can be used every day without any side effectsFor more information on this go to worldserviceinstitute.org