10 Commandments to Perfect Health

Everyday Principles to Live By
  1. Accept criticism as the other person’s problem, not yours.
  2. Appreciate yourself and reaffirm your self-worth whenever necessary.
  3. See the good points in circumstances. See even problems as happening for the best.
  4. Rather than looking backward with sorrow, look forward with joyous expectation.
  5. Rather than fretting about what you do not have, appreciate what you have.
  6. Learn from mistakes, so that you can convert them into triumphs.
  7. Insulate yourself from distasteful surroundings though wholesome detachment.
  8. Let go of what you no longer need and make the most of what you now attract.
  9. Grow in courage and self-mastery from every circumstance.
  10. Be aware of the larger Consciousness of which we are part of.
Author: Kroeger, Hanna. God Helps Those That Help Themselves. 1984