Are You Feeling Stuck?

Are You Feeling Stuck?

So many of us have lived our lives to a certain point and have reached a self-imposed plateau. Most have never removed the chains of fear from their ankles that prevent them from walking forward in life. Realize that now is the time to ease out of your chains with grace and serenity.

At this very moment you might be asking yourself, where do I begin? If this is how you are feeling, you are far from being alone. There are thousands of others — in your exact state — wanting to be released. Welcome your fears. They are not dark demons out to eat you alive. Once we acknowledge our fears as our friends, not our enemies, our transformation is then in progress. Our fears are our own great teachers. Every one of our fears represents a mountain of strength we have yet to discover.

When we become imprisoned by our repetitive patterns, false expectations, attachments, and illusions, our life can only result in one disappointment after another. The good news is the quicksand is no longer up to your neck like it used to be. WOW! It’s barely knee-deep. For the quicksand level to have decreased, we have done a lot of healing and awakening up to this point. Believe it or not, the longest and hardest part of our journey is over. Be deeply thankful for all your life experiences; they have served you well.

We now call forth the wisdom and guidance of our God, or higher power of choice, to hold our hand as we surrender and accept help. The only way we can get divine help and guidance is to be open and honestly willing to let go. The key is an attitude of willingness. What takes place after making the decision to be willing is simply magic. Our part is to have an open heart and mind, and to listen with a set of spiritual ears. At this point the Ego must shut down. Miracles can take place in a second once we get out of our own way. Trust your intuition, hunches, or inspired desires. Never ignore a hunch; act on it immediately. At this point see yourself cleaning off your boots and standing tall on your own two feet. Your spine is straight and strong. Remember, doing something is better than doing nothing. We are like snakes needing to shed old skin, and we will need to do so more than once during our lifetime. Letting that old skin fall off is just as natural as breathing, and knowing there will be enough air for you to breathe every day when you awake. There are as many choices, possibilities, and miracles for us as there are grains of sand on the beach.

What if each particle of sand explained to the other, “you don’t need me…you don’t need me” and so on? We would not have a beach and the ocean would not be contained to fulfill its purpose. What a mess that would be to experience. I personally love the oceans and would feel a loss if that happened. Every grain of sand is important and has a precious value as do each and every one of us!

Today sure is a great day to step out of the quicksand and onto your magic carpet. We all have one waiting for us to ride on every day. The loving, Divine Intelligence we are all a part of is woven in the threads of our magic carpets. Take a ride today and feel the flow of life rather than the obstruction of our fears. What a wonderful way to experience a more mental vacation. In practicing a new state of consciousness, expect unlimited miracles to blow your way — and they will. It’s called Divine Alignment and it is a universal principle that is unshakable and true. The core of every living cell in our bodies wants to feel and experience this FREEDOM.

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