An Abundant Life

How to have an Abundant Life

Through Sharing Comes an Abundant Life

If I am sick, you heal me, if I am lonely, you send me a friend, if I need to grow, you challenge me, if I am tired, you grant me rest. Father, I trust in you. I see now that I too can be a messenger of hope for others. I will bring your love to the bodies, minds, and hearts of those who need you.

Be thankful together for all that we have. We are rich in so many ways. The thought of lack — whether it be of self or of others — is a great illusion. Much illness, discomfort, suffering, and pain can be rooted in this fear-based thought form. Do you want to experience more abundance and feel healthier today? What can you do for a friend today? In the great circle of life, that which flows from you will eventually flow back to you as well. Send out your love to someone near. Love will return to you from afar.

Everything is alive. You by no means are alone. It is time to get unstuck. There may be people in your life right now who are waiting to serve you in ways you have not yet imagined. You are also here to serve them, perhaps in ways you are just beginning to understand. Why don’t we always recognize the gifts that are right before our eyes? We live in a cluttered world of things and materiality at the present time, and many of these things are dead in the sense that they’ve been created without consciousness. They were manufactured without any thought of quality and certainly without personal love and energy. These things deplete life from you in order to exist. For example, there is a great deal of attention, thought, love, and care that goes into manufacturing our products.

Our gratitude, honor, and respect for the herbs that come through our doors — to be used for the health and healing of others — are very sacred. I feel so blessed to be part of such a service and want to share its life. As long as our doors are open, the spirit of what goes into our products will be kept pure and filled with love and light. Quality remains a priority. That is why our products work so well. On the other hand, consider a gift handmade by your child, friend, or really anyone. These gifts are alive with the consciousness of their creator. One Christmas, a near and dear friend of mine made me a beautiful off-white blanket. When I first held the blanket in my hands, there was an overwhelming warm energy of love within its fibers. My children and I could all feel how much love and care went into the creation of this gift of life. Whenever the children feel a little down or not well, they lie on my bed under our “love blanket”. I’m thankful my friend shared her heart with us. These handmade gifts enrich life every time you look at them. In this cluttered world, you have been taught to ignore many things — things that do not serve your purpose. Some call it waste and toxins. Waste is a concept of the cluttered world of dead things. Yet the world continues to increase production of dead things, of waste, for us to ignore. We can no longer ignore this waste. Here is a very simple task which will clear out blocked energy so that health and abundance may flow in. Pass on some of the things you are not currently using; recycle clothes, goods, and books so you can concentrate on your relationship to those things you really want and need in your life — like animals and people.

Our quality of life and values are changing. You are still in the world, but not of the world. The world becomes a different place, you know.  Act to allow yourself time for full relationships with the people and things that most nourish you, and with the tools that help you nourish others. This way of living is something to be developed and appreciated. Simplifying your life on the physical level spontaneously expands freedom and releases the chains of the past. You will have the energy to experience a true and meaningful life.

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