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Affirm Your Health

Taking care of your body will bring you vibrant health and energy. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and getting the proper vitamins in your body.

I believe that we contribute to every illness in our body. The body, just as your mood, is a mirror of your inner thoughts. Our thoughts affect us on a cellular level. That means that every single cell in your body responds to every single thought that you have.

This is good because we can always change our thought patterns and turn our health around. We aren’t stuck with chronic headaches or we don’t have to be prone to allergies. Illness is a way of the body telling us that there’s a false idea in our consciousness.

It’s a chance for us to take a step back and think about how we’re treating ourselves. The body is telling us that we’re not thinking, saying or doing for our highest good. So when you start to feel sick, remember it’s probably your body telling you to pay attention. Self-care is in need.

Now when we cure these ailments at a physical level that doesn’t mean it will be gone forever. That is why most people think they are stuck with a chronic illness. Curing illness at a physical level won’t bring us to a state of full wellness.

I believe that we cure ourselves on an emotional and spiritual level as well. Total health is related to mind, body and spirit. To move from illness to wellness we must treat our bodies with proper care – eating the right foods and getting proper rest. And we must also practice positive thoughts and reflect on emotional issues through meditation and mirror work.


  1. I restore and maintain my body at optimal health.
  2. My healing is already in process. I listen with love to my body’s messages