Pura Cleanse Supplement Facts

APPLE FIBER: Soluble and insoluble fiber, soothes and heals stomach and intestinal tract, adds bulk to bowel, absorbs chemicals and toxins
BARBERRY BARK: Laxative, gall bladder, typhoid, jaundice, improves appetite
BAYBERRY ROOT BARK: Drains sinuses, mucous membranes, extremely well for all female organs/adrenals, stimulant
BEET ROOT: Strengthens liver and blood, rich in minerals, iron, blood builder and detoxifier
BETONITE CLAY: Natural drawing and absorbing of toxins, especially chemical and radioactive, softens and dissolves internal plaque
BILBERRY: Tonifying herb for nervous and glandular systems including female glands and organs, premium herb for strengthening eyes, immune system builder
BLACK WALNUT HULLS: Cleanses parasites, ringworm, TB, expel tapeworms, good for diarrhea, oxygenates blood, thyroid; rashes, poison oak, astringent
BLUE VERVAIN: Natural tranquilizer, convulsions, aids circulation, lungs, nerves, spleen, liver, colon; promotes sweating, settles stomach, expels phlegm from throat and chest, expels worms
BURDOCK: Rapid blood purifier, diuretic, ulcer aids, pituitary gland, keeps waste moving out of a weak body, expels kidney, bladder stones, reduces calcium deposits in joints
CAPSICUM: Catalyst for all herbs, stops bleeding inside or outside body, circulation; heart, use with Lobelia for nerves, use as a stimulant, reduces fevers, inflammation, heals ulcerations, stops shock
CASCARA SAGRADA: Chronic constipation, gall stones, increases secretion of bile
CATNIP: Convulsions, colic, high fever reliever in babies; sleep aid soothes stomach/nerves, relieves pain
CHICKWEED: Bronchial cleanser, eats cellulite fat, deafness, peritonitis, extremely applied to skin rashes and disorders, eczema, cholesterol cleanser
CINNAMON: Catalyst and stimulant, vermifuge, relieves cramping and bloating in intestinal tract
CLOVE SEED: Anesthetic to gums, skin, mouth and tooth problems, parasites, sleep aid, depression, digestion nausea, sleep, joints pain
DANDELION: Rich in natural sodium, Vitamin C, Calcium, aids low blood pressure, kidneys/bladder, liver, iron, anemia, gout, diuretic, natural alkalizer
ECHINACEA PURPUREA: Blood and lymph cleaner, mild antibiotic, interferon-like (anti-inflammatory), demonstrates anti-tumor activity, non-specific immune-stimulant
GINGER: Stimulates circulation, relieves pelvic area cramps/gas, indigestion, paralysis, motion/morning sickness
KELP: Thyroid, arteries, nails, hair falling out, cleanses radiation from body, contains micro-minerals, sodium. Calcium, rich in all essential minerals; glandular balancing, energy
LICORICE ROOT: Natural cortisone, hypoglycemia, adrenal glands, stress, voice, colds
MARSHMALLOW: Wound bathing, inflamed eyes, soothes inflammation and stomach, enriches breast milk, bladder/kidney problems, high in Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin A, expectorant, relaxes and cleanses bronchioles and respiratory system
PEPPERMINT LEAVES: Nausea, cleanser, bulking agent, absorbs toxins, very high in soluble fiber
PSYLLIUM: Excellent for the colon, colitis, hemorrhoids and ulcers. Eliminates toxins from the bowels and intestines
PUMPKIN SEEDS: Liver and bowel cleanser, essential fatty acids, vermifuge
SAGE: Night sweats, baldness, expels worms, stops bleeding cleansing and purifying, restores hair color, mineral rich, laryngitis, expels mucus
SLPPERY ELM: Assists in healing inflamed mucous membranes of the stomach, bowels, kidneys, or any irritated areas
THYME: Immune stimulant thymus, activator, nervine, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti-fungus, headache
TURKEY RUBARB ROOT: Bowel stimulant, loosens internal debris, peristalsis, activates liver and kidneys, glandular balancing
WHITE WILLOW BARK: Natural aspirin, astringent, diuretic, cleansing to kidneys soothes nerves, relaxes intestines
YELLOW DOCK: Blood purifier, cleanser, acne, high in iron, tones entire system, pineal gland
YUCCA: Has been used for rheumatoid/osteoid forms of arthritis, reduces joint inflammation, natural cortisone

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