20 Signs Let Go & Move On

20 Signs it’s time to Let go and Move On

20 Signs it’s time to let go and let God.

We find out how strong we are in the moments of uncertainty life inevitably gives us. The unplanned events – layoffs, death, disease, or divorce – can come crashing into our world at any moment.

Then the inevitable questions that change brings crop up. Should I stay or should I go? Should I buy or save? Should I forgive or forget? Should I move or not? The “shoulds” become a thirsty internal craving as we try to process the best outcomes for our life.

The problem? In our focus on the “shoulds”, we often hold onto what no longer works.
I have a friend who is in a negative situation, and he’s hanging on for dear life because he wants to be brave and tough it out. He told me, “Giving up is not an option,” a belief so many of us ascribe to.

But when holding on to something hurts our health and potential to be happy, we have to examine closely why we’re choosing to stay.

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. We strive to make the right choice, but how do we know when it is truly time to let go and move on?
Romantic relationships, jobs, even places we live have an expiration date. Sometimes we hold on to things that aren’t working out of fear we won’t find something better.

Perhaps our greatest fear is the unknown, which is why so many of us grasp, hold onto, and manipulate our situations in an attempt to control our surroundings. But the outcome is always the same: more pain, immense frustration, and ginormous guilt and blame.

To avoid the toxic outburst of staying in situations that no longer serve you, ask yourself if any of the following 20 signs apply.

20 Signs It’s Time to Let Go and Move On

  1. When your thoughts go to memories more than the present.

  2. When the situation causes you more pain than joy.

  3. When you expect, hope, and plead for the person, place, or situation to change.

  4. When you become complacent, bored, or resentful.

  5. When the pattern persists even though you tried to fix it.

  6. When you feel alone, unheard, or disrespected.

  7. When the situation is holding you back from growing and being who you want to be.

  8. When you stay, hoping and expecting things to get better.

  9. When you cry more than you laugh and love.

  10. When you feel exhausted emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

  11. When you have lost your passion and joy.

  12. When your core beliefs and values have changed and you sacrifice who you are.
  13. When you stop having fun.

  14. When you fear this is the best it will be.

  15. When you force a smile to mask the pain.

  16. When you lose who you are and stop dreaming.

  17. When you hold on out of fear of the unknown.

  18. When you sense you are holding onto something meant to be released.

  19. When the thought of being free of the situation feels expansive.

  20. When you believe in a better life for yourself.

This list serves as a compassionate guide to help you make the right choice for you. If you found yourself saying yes to the majority of these questions, it may be time for you to take a step forward and let go. Trust your future and know you will be guided to happiness.



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