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Health is Learned, Not Earned

Dr. Rubio, MD, says, “Detoxification is like an insurance policy for the future; it is the key in dealing with cancer. We want to prevent cancer through detoxification. The thing is to work with the basics: cleanse the colon, use colonics, diet therapy and detox the body with lots of fiber. Cleansing the colon with fiber is key.” Consuming fiber increases the immune system in your gut, feeds the good probiotic bacteria there, keeps the digestive lining healthy and Read More...

The Second Brain

Understanding the Human Bowel A healthy digestive system is more important than we’ve been led to believe. In fact it is the key to wellbeing, the root of health.  People are beginning to realize that if the gut isn’t working properly, nothing’s going to be working well. There's a "second brain" in your stomach. It influences your mood, what you eat, the types of diseases you get, as well as the decisions you make. And you thought it was all Read More...