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Keep Your Digestive Tract Healthy

  Eat at least 7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Be adventurous, and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables in any form – canned, fresh, frozen, or dried. Plant foods are rich in fiber and many disease-fighting chemicals. Fruit serving sizes: 1 cup fresh 1 tennis-ball sized piece ½ cup canned ¼ cup dried 4 oz. 100% juice Vegetable serving sizes: 1 cup raw ½ cup cooked 6 oz. 100% vegetable juice Choose whole grains more often. The new labeling of “whole grains” on packages can help you pick Read More...

13 Symptoms of Chronic Dehydration

When you’re dehydrated, you’re more prone to irritability and fatigue. Your cognitive functions, including your ability to concentrate also take a hit. Your body is comprised of about 65 percent water, which is needed for a number of physiological processes and biochemical reactions, including but not limited to: Blood circulation Metabolism Regulation of body temperature Waste removal and detoxification It’s important to recognize that your body loses water throughout each day, even when you’re not sweating, and that you need to constantly replenish this Read More...