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Top Triggers for Autoimmune Disease

Many people diagnosed with Autoimmune disease will take medication prescribed by their physician without further thought. Band-aiding the symptoms of the disease instead of truly healing the body so that they can find their best level of health. When we look at Autoimmune Diseases such as Graves, Crohn’s, celiac, Hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis (and also common Autoimmune diseases like acne and IBS) from a holistic perspective, it’s imperative to understand the most common triggers so that we can focus on making better choices for our health. Here is a Read More...

Importance of Trace Minerals

Our bodies use trace minerals daily therefore it is vital that we regularly replenish the supply in order for all our body systems and responses to function properly. The regular intake of trace minerals supports the body in proper physiological function and can ward off health problems. Trace minerals are required for numerous body functions and processes including enzyme function, thyroid regulation, glucose absorption, blood clotting, tissue formation, the transportation of oxygen in red blood cells, detoxification and much more. A deficiency Read More...